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Panasonic TX-L37G15B 37-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD TV with Freesat HD (Installation Recommended) & Viera Cast

Panasonic TX-L37G15B 37-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD TV with Freesat HD (Installation Recommended) & Viera Cast Review

I've had this TV for a few months now, and the picture is fantastic and its pretty easy to use with one or two little niggles. Overall I'm very pleased and would probably order the same TV again - especially the size at 37". If you are considering the size, measure the distance from your sofa to the TV and divide by 6 to get the width then convert to diagonal. My TV sofa distance is 2.8m and a 37" TV is just right, though the kids sit closer.

I think of this TV in three parts...

1. Audio Visual: I believe Panasonic have reached as close to perfection as possible with their video implementation. Blacks are completely black, there is no motion blur other than the limitations in the source material, and the panel is perfect - it can go very bright with no degradation in picture quality, and has 180 degree field of view; as good as a CRT. The sound is as good as can be expected without having external speakers, in fact it has some nice settings to create an expansive sound and is particularly good for speech. What more could you want? - maybe something a bit more stylish like one of those wafer thin Samsungs, or an OLED Sony, but these are a bit gimmicky. The next step for video is 3D.

2. The Tuner: One reviewer marked this TV down for Freesat, and has been under appreciated for it, but I think he's right. You can't get VIERA CAST without Freesat and I'm sure you pay a premium for it. I don't use the Freesat as I have a Sky subscription, so the cables stay plugged into the Sky+ box. However, this TV expects to be connected. I've read somewhere that it doesn't setup the time properly if it can't find Freesat, also, it's software upgradable, but does so from a Freesat download. I did plug in the Satellite cable during setup which I recommend. I've tried the one HD channel on it - BBC HD and the picture is a little better than non-HD, but they always seemed to have dog breath Hairy Bikers on. So the cables went back into the Sky box which is where they've stayed.

3. Internet connectivity: Implemented and branded as VIERA CAST by Panasonic. It's not the world wide web, but a group of services served up over the internet. When we first had it there were about 4 services, now there's about 10, though a few are German - I think they are trying to control my mind!. There's a weather channel which is even worse than the BBC - not the weather's worse, just less reliable than Michael Fish. If you have a dinner party you can go to Picassa and have a stunning slide show playing, though it is distracting. We use YouTube a couple of times a week. I like to piss myself laughing at Cassette boy at least once a fortnight. Sometimes watching YouTube on full screen you forget it's not the real telly which is a credit to the incredible video processor in the box. I have read that BBC iPlayer is on its way to VIERA CAST which will be fantastic.

Pleasantly surprised by some little extras...
SD Card Reader for looking at pictures from my Panasonic camera.
Ambient light detector which I thought didn't work at first, but realise it seamlessly adjusts the brightness just right.
RGB takes 1080i from my Freecom media player.
Quality of standard DVD picture played through HDMI; some DVD's look HD.

Freesat (see above).
Ease of use: Panasonic have dropped a mark from their usual impeccable standards here - Sometimes the TV doesn't automatically goto the Sky box when you use the Sky remote, and Viera Link to my Panasonic home theatre occasionally goes wrong. The home theatre can work in tandem with the TV through Viera Link; the TV passes sound over to the home theatre to present - you then control the volume on the home theatre from the TV remote - groovy. But sometimes the Home Theatre flips over to DVD which gets the kids screaming at me to stop fiddling!
No WiFi: Its not obvious how to get the TV connected to broadband. Panasonic stick an RJ45 on the back of the box and tell you to get on with it. I bought a Belkin Wireless G Gaming Adapter for £30 and it works just fine.
Media Server: There's a media server client on the TV, but it's not a great implementation. It can't handle any HD content from the server. It's nice of Panasonic to implement something and give you a free licence to download and install Twonkymedia which is worth £20. I'd say if you want to do this, you need a proper media player attached to the TV.

This last point leads me to question this box. Panasonic have made a fantastic TV and have tried to add new media features which aren't quite integrated properly. Maybe my TV would improve with software downloads, if only it was connected to Freesat. I could have purchased a cheaper Pany with the same LCD panel and video processor, and with the money saved bought a decent HD media player. However, it's the real world. Nothing works 100%. Like a Porche, it's the imperfections that add character and create a bond. At the end of the day I'm happy I chose this telly.

Panasonic TX-L37G15B 37-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD TV with Freesat HD (Installation Recommended) & Viera Cast Feature

  • VIERA Full HD LCD Television
  • Receives freesat (free digital satellite broadcast)
  • 100Hz Intelligent Frame Creation and Motion Focus Technology
  • Wide Viewing Angle with IPS Alpha Panel

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Customer Reviews

Love it! - G. Cottrell - Suffolk, UK
Great set - has more functions than I'll ever use but the BBC HD channel is stunning (Freeview broadcasts are so-so but change the factory presets for picture and sound and you can improve it a lot) I wanted the TX-L37G10B which is the same set without some of the ports on the back but it was out of stock. Happy to recommend either model to anyone - I'm delighted with it.

Great TV - D. Huaulme - Wigan , UK
I have bought the 37" Pana G15 as the wait was too long for the G10.
I plug it in and the auto set up was done in minutes.
The picture quality in both Freeview & Freesat is very good but in Freesat HD it is fantastic.
I don't have a Blu-ray player yet but my Denon DVD player upscales DVD to 1080p and the results are great.
Read from my SD card no problem there. The slideshow music gets on your nerve after a while turn the volume down.

The PC connection is trickier. I have installed "TwonkyMedia" server program on my PC as well as Window Media Player. Both are recognised by the TV media server but the connection failed with any of them so if anybody has made it work please let me know.

As for VieraCast it works but it is painfully slow and the content is pitiful. And the content is dictated by Panasonic.

In resume this Pana Tv is great as a Tv but gimmicky as a media server. I may get a long HDMI cable and play my Pc content that way (as a second PC monitor)

get it!! - Stephen Laing - uk
37in is a perfect size for us, tv easy to set up, easy to use and a great picture.

Sony KDL-40X3500 - 40'' Widescreen Bravia 1080P Full HD LCD TV - With Freeview

Sony KDL-40X3500 - 40'' Widescreen Bravia 1080P Full HD LCD TV - With Freeview Review

Did my research before buying this telly. Read numerous electronics magazines over a period of 4-5 months before deciding to buy this TV. All of them spoke highly about this set. I've had this set for around 2.5 years now and haven't had a single problem with it. I've linked up my Playstation 3 also available from Amazon via HDMI and the picture (especially when watching Blu-ray DVD's) is amazing. I've also often linked up my PC to it when I've wanted to watch movies or play graphically intensive games. Great all rounder. I bought mine when it first came out for around £2300. Looking at the price now, I think that someone somewhere will be bagging themselves a bargain. Sony Guarentee included.... gives you an additional piece of mind. As for other reviews which have complained about fan noise... they must have slightly oversensitive hearing, because as far as I'm concerned... "What fan noise?" This TV is quality.

Sony KDL-40X3500 - 40'' Widescreen Bravia 1080P Full HD LCD TV - With Freeview Overview

Sony offers a wide range of camcorders to suit all professional applications. Based on the DVCAM format, the Sony DSR Series of recorders and camcorders brings many advantages: high performance editing capability, compact shooting package, system versatil

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Sony T.V. - G. Whatley - U.K.
After many months of consideration and looking at other models and makes I settled for the TV I had always wanted. I am not dissapointed. Fantastic Television. I love it. I have had it for over a year now. Pleasure to watch. Good sound. Easy to tune. No problems.

The best picture I have seen - Son_of_Senna - Reading, UK
Truly a fantastic TV. It takes a few minutes to set-up all the options but once you have the picture and sound quality are quite remarkable. The options are easliy adjusted to account for different inputs - for example the first series of Red Dwarf has very poor sound but the 'voice zoom' feature really helps but you may not need it for recently made movies. The picture 'noise reduction' feature is terrific at removing unwanted artefacts from the picture too.

A great product that looks cool too. It's good to see Sony back at the top of the TV rankings.

Best TV on the market bar none !! - Mr. C. Hunter - Scotland
Had my Sony Bravia X3500 now for about 6 weeks and I have loved every minute of it.
It really is a beautiful piece of kit with the brushed metal edging and the glorious 1080p HD screen which presents anything and everything spectacularly.
Watching fast moving sports like football is just amazing with the 100Hz motion flow in action.
The speakers and audio set up are great, although a surround sound system would obviously be a improvement, I don't have one hooked up at the moment and am more than happy so far.
The fans which have been mentioned below and in other reviews for this TV have now been fixed on newer models, I can't hear anything on my TV even with the sound down and my ear up close to the screen.
It is an expensive option but definatly the best TV you can buy.
Highly recommended.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sony Bravia KDL40EX503U 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 100Hz LCD TV with Freeview HD

Sony Bravia KDL40EX503U 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 100Hz LCD TV with Freeview HD Review

I got this TV to replace a 6 year old Samsung 32" for the main TV. I was going for another Samsung, but the new ones appear to only have 1 scart. This is great if you only have 1 item that needs scart, but I have my Sky+ and a DVD/HD recorder, so reluctantly, had to discard the idea of Samsung.

After much deliberation between plasma and lcd, I finally stayed with lcd, as the power consumption was better and the clarity seems to be similar. As I also did not want to keep upgrading, I thought it best to get a TV that was full HD, 100 Hz for smooth scrolling of fast moving images and freeview hd. After much searching and reading reviews, finally settled on this model.

After the initial easy setup for searching the channels with the digital and analog tuners, you can start watching straight away. I must confess that the clarity of the pictures far exceeded my expectations. It could be a natural progression of the technology since my last purchase, but what a difference in detail. Sky seems to be clearer, the normal channels seem more defined and the 3 freeview hd channels are amazing. It depends upon what is being transmitted on the freeview hd, but the nature programs are amazing to see, the detail and clarity is superb. I have played normal DVD's through the scart connection, and again, cannot fault the picture. I was apprehensive as a larger screen means more chance of pixilation, but have not seen it as I though I would. I have connected me xbox via component and the gameplay is just as smooth as to be expected. Ramped the settings on the console to 1080p instead of 720p, and with motion flow on, the gameplay is smooth. To be honest, cannot see that great a difference between 720p and 1080p on gameplay, but it could be the games as not all are 1080p encoded.

This TV is internet ready, so you can connect direct to a router through the ethernet port, which is what I have done. You can then access youtube, 5 on demand, lovefilm (which you need a subscription) and other channels. You can also connect wirelessly, but you will have to purchase a Sony USB wifi dongle at extra cost. Its a shame that this function was not built in. Why advertise it as a selling point only to be informed you have to buy the extra piece to make it work? Searching youtube can take time, as you enter the search parameters using the remote, which can take time.

There are several scene modes, like movie, sport, standard, game, which change the settings of the contrast, brightness, colour etc, but generally keep it on standard.

I have not tried surround, as I have no surround system. The sound on the TV is loud enough for me, and find that normal viewing the volume is on 20-25, just about a quarter way up. There is a great option than normalises sound, so all the channels are output at the same sound level. No more loud adverts, as the volume stays the same throughout.

The menu is easy, and is designed around the Playstaion 3 menu system, so users of the PS3 will feel at home.

All in all, a great purchase that seems to be more future proof than others, producing vivid crisp displays and smooth scrolling. Very happy with the purchase and highly recommend it,.

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sony IS the sensible reliable brand...excellent lcd - Robin G. Symons -
OK bought this 40 inch lcd tv a few days ago from argos (same price as amazon) and i couldnt be happier.easy to set up as you are walked through this process and as ever that sony badge fills me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside.This is my third lcd from sony and i have never had any problems but i imagine if i did with this one the free 3 year guarantee that sony are giving away with it will sort any niggles out very fast indeed.the picture is glorious and as this is hd freeview it is future proof for the moment as freeview eventually will switch over to 1080 soon but in the meantime the standard 576i will do very impressed thus far anyway.Now on to what this telly is all about...atleast for me anyway.It shows 1080p so my blurays (also sony player) look perfect through a hdmi cable (4 ports on this telly).With its 100hz technology a film like 2012 with its fast paced action and destruction really looks jaw dropping and evn upscaled dvds tick over at a joyous rate and look almost bluray...not quite but xbox elite loves this sony and through hdmi again at 1080p battlefield bad company 2 and cod rock.look i could get all techy about this thing but i think ive summed it up well enough. A telly that adjusts the picture depending on the light in the room...sheesh even the remote feels hardcore and sony cool.Yes i am a bit of a fan of sony but i do my research first...took me ages to decide on this model.
Sony is what you honest with deserve a sony.

KDL40EX503 Review - Mr. J. P. Hammill - UK
Hello, I've had this TV for a month now and its very impressive. I've hooked mine up to my Sony Sony HTFS3.CEK 2.1ch 400W Home Cinema System, PS3 and stand alone blue ray player. Its stunning, watching blue rays it handles the blacks so well. I watched slumdog millionaire and with the HCS it was breathtaking to watch. On the PS3 I have not been disappointed at all. I've been playing Battlefield 2 and again the picture is stunning. I used netgear homeplugs to connect the TV directly to the Internet but at the moment there's not much really to shout about here. Hopefully a firmware upgrade will allow for BBC iplayer to be directly on the menu. There are lots of options for picture scene etc and the menu's are very easy to use.

All in all I'd give this 10/10


Excellent picture and sound but why not fully Wi-Fi ready? - Daniel O'DONOGHUE - Essex, UK
I bought this TV a few days ago and so far have been very pleased with it. The stand was easy to assemble and the TV itself very easy to set up - just follow the on-screen commands, and it is ready within 5 minutes or so. The Freeview HD signal, which is available in my area, tuned in perfectly - and the picture is noticeably better than the standard freeview signal. Shame there aren't a few more freeview HD channels yet but, of course, that isn't Sony's problem.

Overall the picture quality is excellent, with vibrant colours (a bit too much with the standard settings?), good contrast and dark blacks, and the sound very clear for built-in speakers. Controls and menus all fairly intuitive - so no need to look at the manual (which is built-in to the set and accessed via menus).

Connectivity is good: including 4 x HDMIs, 2 SCART, + Ethernet and 1 USB. The one niggle is the lack of an included wi-fi antenna to access Internet content. This requires purchase of a separate Sony Wi Fi dongle (which I haven't done yet) if you don't want to run an ethernet cable from your router. This sort of corner-cutting irritates me - if Sony can, for example, include full wi-fi accessibility in a PSP, why do they have to make this an optional extra in a television costing much more?

Samsung LE32B550A5 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Crystal LCD TV with Freeview

Samsung LE32B550A5 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Crystal LCD TV with Freeview Review

I have owned 3 large Samsung HDTV's over the last two years- first was a Series 4 46" HD LE LCD model I bought out in Spain where I have lived for almost ten years.

Very impressive, but when some 12 months later I happened to catch a glimpse of the newer Series 6 55" HD LCD model in the local hyper-market - and WOW - I just HAD to have it !

Better picture quality, deeper blacks, better colour rendition and precision / accuracy etc
And - better sound quality - although these sets are really meant to be run through purpose-built surround sound systems - so I had bought a Samsung 2.1 system to go with my first large screen model.

About 4 months ago - i happened to see the New Series 7 LED Samsung in several stores here in southern Spain...
WOW - Take 2 !!
A picture - even better than the 55" model in LCD - and THAT'S saying something !
AND - with the added benefit of high energy savings etc
And - the fact that Amazon would deliver it out to me here - at a minimal postage cost of under 10 pounds - and it arrived within one week !!
( I actually saved about 600 Pounds / Euro's by not buying it in Spain on this occasion - incredible savings ! )

I also bought the special wall-mounting Samsung unit for about 150 Euro's here - same price as in UK this time - and this was a wise investment.

Better quality sound, with the bass-enhancement from the rear-facing speakers etc
Still - I mainly use it with the Samsung sound system, although I had purchased here a newer LG Dvd 5.1 surround sound system to use with the newest Samsung...
HOWEVER - as this set is SO MODERN - it has dispensed with those awful scart sockets, and uses instead 4 HDMI's - although I could now actually do with about 6 - 8 !
The HDMI's work a treat with my associated equipment - SKY HD Box / Samsung Blu Ray Player / Samsung HD DVD Recorder / PS3 / XBOX 360 / Various External Media Players etc
BUT - the new LG sound system has been 'relegated ' to use with the 55" Samsung on the side aspect of my lounge here because it will only work via the scarts on this TV - while my newest Samsung LED - has NEITHER SCART nor OPTICAL CONNECTION.

Minor Grumble - I wish Designers would realise that we can't all change Every unit at the same time, and they should build-in some degree of reverse - compatibility - please !

And - I also have Both Samsung's connected to the Net via my Router - as they both have InterNet Capability, using Samsung's widgets system, and currently enjoy immersing myself in Hours of Fun watching back and listening to youTube videos and clips - on large screen and with great stereo+ sound !!

Awesome - but an easy way to while-away blocks of about 3-4 hours without fully realising where the Time has gone etc !!

And - YES - because I can multi-task - I do indeed have BOTH Samsungs on at the same time on occasions !

Now - having yesterday spotted a ' special gfer ' on the above 32" Samsung LED set - I was about to purchase it today as a third Samsung for my bedroom upstairs...

Then - I found this same model on Amazon - with a another saving of some amazing 400 Pounds including postage/delivery charge !!!

Have ordered it earlier this morning - and can't wait !!

P.S. IF you were at all wondering - I recently sold my first Samsung 46" to my best-friend for 500 Euro's to help offset the cost of the 46" LED replacement.,

Samsung LE32B550A5 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Crystal LCD TV with Freeview Feature

  • 32" Full 1080p HD LCD Screen
  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution
  • SRS Trusurround HD Audio
  • USB Port
  • 4 x HDMI Sockets

Samsung LE32B550A5 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Crystal LCD TV with Freeview Overview

Recommended SAMSUNG LE32B550 (LE32B550A5WXXC) HDTV 1080p Series 5 32" LCD TV Platinum Black Crystal TV At a glance The SAMSUNG LE32B550 (also known as LE32B550A5WXXC LE32B550A5 and LE-32B550 Series 5) is a Platinum black crystal Full HDTV with 4 x HDMI with integrated freeview. 1staudiovisual description Another stunning TV from Samsung with a superb blend of style and technology for an exceptional viewing experience and a design that captures the essence of natural beauty with light style and tones that appear to change and blend with the viewing angle. Features Crystal TV The Samsung Crystal bezel is different to others as it is not made up of one sole colour pigment. A sophisticated combination of multiple colours is employed resulting in a seamless bezel with natu...

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Fantastic TV - B. Olet - Derby, UK
Bought this TV after extensive reviews on Amazon. I must say, its a great product. What astounded me was the picture quality. It was far much better than the previous telly i had, which was a 6 year old 26 inch Panasonic. Am yet to fully utilise the HD facility but looking at the test photograph within the menu, i cant wait. Its a fine product and would definitely recommend to anybody looking for one of a similar specification.

Firstly, I want to thank Amazon for a first rate service. Our previous 32" TV, a Panasonic, which had received rave reviews, developed a signal reception fault after around 11 months of ownership. It progressively got worse; so I contacted Amazon, around a week off the end of the first year's ownership. The TV was out of stock; so I was told to send it back and they would give me a full refund. I did; they did, within two days. Amazon aren't always the cheapest; but, to me, service like that is worth paying the extra for. Tick and gold star.

Now for the Samsung TV. A couple of months after buying it (from Amazon!), things are looking very good; infact, better than when it was first turned on; more of which in a second.

When you first get it out of the box, be prepared to be impressed. Compared to the Panasonic, this TV is a stunner. They've really put effort into its appearance and have used some quality materials; plate glass stand included. It does make you wonder whether Samsing are selling at a loss, or if your'e being ripped off by the others. Once it's set up, it will add a bit of tech beauty to any room. One word of warning though, if you have a wood stove or fire nearby, be prepared to do a lot of dusting, the clear perspex bezel is a dust magnet (it keeps the rest of the room clear of dust though, I suppose).

One tip, ref the comments made in other reviews regarding the stand screws; invest in an electric screwdriver and use the correct sized bit (may take some trial and error). If you do, the stand should be sorted in a minute or two, without any blood, sweat or tears.

The picture, out of the box, is dire. I was mortified. It looked at first like I'd bought a very expensive ornament. BUT, perserve with the settings and you'll eventually get one of the best pictures to be found on the high street (or the web), for the price. The reviews you'll have read weren't misleading anyone. It is a cracker. Some have said that the image appears to 'settle down' with time; curious but it may well be true, it does seem to improve, after a couple of weeks.

Finally, the sound. Again, dire out of the box; but there are settings to tinker with, via a digital equaliser, that allow you to tune it up a bit. Don't expect Hi-Fi quality; but it's not bad. I turned off the surround option for the first couple of weeks, because it sounded awful; then tried it again. It might have been my ears, growing accustomed to the TV; or the 'settling in' issue again, but it sounded much better on the second attempt (not dramatically effective though - stick to a dedicated system, if sound is important to you).

To summarise, I personally don't see why anyone would want to buy any other 32" TV than this Samsung, at the time of writing.

Excellent - oogieboogie - Scotland
After plenty of research I decided to buy this model TV from amazon.

Initially the packaging looked good (I have read of people having probs with this) it was all in one piece anyway.

The one surprise that I was greeted with was that the base was made of glass so was quite heavy (my old Samsung had a plastic base which meant the tv could be moved around attached to the base easily) so beware of this.

You are required to screw in 8 screws (if I remember correctly) 4 to the TV itself and 4 into the base.
From reading some peoples reviews it seemed like this would be a nightmare but it actually wasn't and I was surprised how easy it was. I basically just got the screws started into the thread by hand (I would say this is the most important part to get the threads meeting, if it doesn't go in easily you are not on the thread) and continue to turn the screws by hand where possible until they were tight, then tighten them fuller with a screwdriver. (Took about 10 minutes)

My scart leads went in fine with minimal pressure but the TV aerial did not. I thought it might have been the connection on my old wire or the fact that the TV was brand new. After a lot of pressure and turning (a lot more than I would have liked on a brand new TV) the lead went in.

All freeview channels were not found from the search but I put this down to having a poor aerial.

Using the TV through a sky box is great, and had no probs with it or an old vcr, an old dvd or playstation.

Picture quality is excellent and can be adjusted to suit your preference.
Sound quality as with all flat screen TV's is not the best but I have heard a lot worse, but would still need some form of external speaker system to get real base.

When watching anything fast moving it can be a bit blurry for example a football or tennis ball passing quickly by a crowd or stand, but it really is not that big a deal and I am sure with an HD feed it would be perfect.

Overall I decided on this model ahead of other Samsungs because of the 2 scarts, as most Samsungs only have one and this is a major advantage as only one scart connection would be awkward.

Without a doubt this TV is value for money and sixth months down the line I am still happy with it.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hitachi 37MX70 - 37" Widescreen Superslim Full HD LCD TV

Hitachi 37MX70 - 37" Widescreen Superslim Full HD LCD TV Review

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Sony Bravia KDL40W5810U 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD TV with Freesat (Installation Recommend)

Sony Bravia KDL40W5810U 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD TV with Freesat (Installation Recommend) Review

I bought this as I bought a Bravia a 18-months or so ago and was pleased with that. All the problems with the earier model have been fixed with this version. 3 HDMI sockets rather than 1, so you can attach both your playstation and DVD players, and have a spare. The buttons are on the bottom side of the set, so when you hang it on the wall you can reach them. Other reviews mention set up problems, but I found it to be simple, with no problems, and the picture just burst into life. The picture is fantastic, vibrant and smooth and the convienience of both Freeview and Freesat built in without the need for external boxes is great. The only reason you wouldn't want this is if you are waiting for a set with built in FreeviewHD, but then they are not readly available yet from any manufacturer. Firmware updates are available from the Sony web-site and were no hassle to install via USB stick. I am only using the feesat connected to my old sky dish. One thing I noted with my earlier Bravia is that the picture quality inproved greatly by adopting high quality interconnect cables (I bought profigold - excellent scart and aerial cables).

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Around £600 plus to spend you won't find better! - Mrs. M. O'sullivan - Hampshire, UK
We are extremely pleased with our new purchase as it looks stylish without looking 'chavvy' if you know what I mean. It has so many extra features and we are looking into linking our PC to it to maximise use. Colour is crisp and clear and the Freesat is worth paying the little extra for as we were originally going for the slightly cheaper model without it but I think as more channels go this route it can only get better and at no extra cost. BBC HD and ITV HD at the moment have lot's of programmes running and looks like more to come. Delivery was as promised and you get the 3 year Sony guarantee.

Great picture but some misses on functionality - Celerus -
The good:
Excellent picture that can be infinitely adjusted to suit your room, applications, programme preference
Freesat HD picture is really impressive
Freesat TV guide is fast and easy to use
Sound is really OK for most applications
Compatible with my Sony HD camcorder (CX6)

The not so good:
The terrestrial tuner does not receive HD transmisions (any DVB-T2)
No analogue TV guide function
Only plays uncompressed MPEG2 videos from USB, although DivX, Xvid and mp4 all work well when streamed from a computer via the ethernet connection, which is easy to set up with a router.
Does not record to USB, and the only option for signal output is via SCART or composite (which means no HD)
The Applicast internet functions are v. limited, not worthwhile, and rumours have it that this service will be discontinued by Sony soon...

Great Tv - Abysmal sound fault - D. Horder - london
Sadly after ordering two of these the fault with the sound is still there. The speakers resinate or vibrate at a certain pitch. This becomes extremely annoying and even my wife has told me to send it back so the problem must be bad!

The picture quality is superb but the speakers sound great at first but then after they have warmed up and are at a certainly sound frequency (usually a womens voice) start to produce a really annoying vibrations sound or distortion. I have ordered two of these and they both have the same fault.

Dont know if these TVs are end of the line but I would strongly avoid this TV.

Off to John lewis now to get a decent TV - sorry Amazon but I cant waste anymore time waiting in for City Link collections / Delivery

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Samsung LE46B550A5 46-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Crystal LCD TV with Freeview

Samsung LE46B550A5 46-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Crystal LCD TV with Freeview Review

I'd recommend this TV for anyone looking for a step up from smaller LCD screens or wanting to buy their first Full HD Television. The picture quality is excellent: Simply stunning. Standard def clarity is perfect for such a large screen - no complaints there, but it's when you move to HD pictures that will show the sets true potential. Colours are perfect (with a little tinkering), motion is smooth and i've noticed no bleeding on the edges of the panel - so all good.

Blu-ray 24p movies run smoothly from my PS3, I havn't noticed any judder (maybe a miniscule amount more than some high end, much more expensive screens - but hey this is under £800 so its certainly not a complaint). I can't stress how good the picture quality is for an £800 46" LCD - it's awesome.

I have a PS3 running to the TV through a Sony HT-IS100 via HDMI, and SkyHD direct to the TV via HDMI. (SkyHD audio via optical to the HT-IS100) No audio sinc problems at all. I can't really vouch for the built in sound, but if it's anything like my previous samsung (LE37R87) then it's fine for everyday use, lacking in bass and clarity for movies.

Great build quality
Nice solid glass stand
Incredible value
Perfect HD picture
24p (True HD) makes a big difference
Good remote - fast

Weighs a ton - almost impossible to attach the stand alone
Box was flimsy - Not enough packaging!
On board speakers are a a bit ribbish - but no more than usual
They still havn't added a button to switch between HDMI inputs -(You have to scroll through the source inputs)

Samsung LE46B550A5 46-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Crystal LCD TV with Freeview Overview

Series 5 LCD TV: With its' elegantly stylish design the SAMSUNG LCD TV Series 5 offers an outstandingly rich full HD TV experience. With phenomenal picture quality and superior features, sharper, clearer, more detailed images are delivered with incredible intensity on its clear panel screen, enabling you to enjoy quality and versatility that indulge all of your senses. 1080p Full HD: Discover the Full HD difference. 1080p Full HD refers to images that are displayed at 1920 x 1080 resolution. With 1.5 times the scanning lines of conventional HD TV, Full HD offers more pixels, more details and superior picture clarity. Samsung Crystal TV: Eco-aware Crystal TV. Because the Samsung Crystal TV's flawless finish is created by dual injection technology, no spray paint is used - eliminating the emission of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Efficient power consumption means that energy is saved. Plus, with free take-back and 90% recyclability, you can be sure that even at the end of its life, your Samsung Crystal TV is as eco-safe as the day it was made. Wide Colour Enhancer: Complete colour coverage. By lengthening luminance level and expanding the range of colour expression, our upgraded Wide Colour Enhancer technology completely covers the RGB spectrum, saturating images with intense, vivid colours closer to those perfected by nature. USB / USB 2.0: USB 2.0 uses a simple USB interface to let you play music and videos and view pictures right on your TV screen. It supports high speeds of up to 480 Mbps. It also supports FAT 16 / 32 files, the file type found on most USB drives, flash devices and SD cards. 4 HDMI: Connect your digital world. HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) inputs transmit pure, uncompressed streams of digital data at the highest resolution. With 4 HDMI inputs (3 rear, 1 side), your TV is equipped with everything it needs to become your personal multimedia hub, allowing you to quickly connect external devices to the TV

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